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Time and material are crucial factors in scaffolding construction.
To make the most efficient use of both, the Layher range includes the practical scaffolding planning software LayPLAN.

Layplan classic

With the LayPLAN CLASSIC modules for Allround Scaffolding and SpeedyScaf, individualised scaffolding solutions can be configured quickly and easily: whether they’re for circular or facade scaffolding made from SpeedyScaf, for birdcage scaffolding and free-standing towers made from Allround Scaffolding, or for structures with temporary roofs. Once the dimensions and the required assembly variant have been entered, LayPLAN CLASSIC delivers in seconds a scaffolding proposal, including anchoring, bracing and side protection. During the design phase, the overall length, standing heights and areas are continuously calculated and displayed to reflect the current plan. A materials list can also be created at the click of a button and then printed out, together with an assembly sketch for the area to be enclosed in scaffolding plus the total weight. This also helps with the logistics – the required material is guaranteed to be there where it’s needed.

Layplan CAD

Thanks to integration into the LayPLAN system, the basic planning can be handled in automated form using the proven LayPLAN CLASSIC. Project data can be quickly recorded using input masks, ensuring a time saving for every order. The data are then simply exported into the AutoCAD program, which offers further possibilities for detailed 3D planning. A visual collision check is possible with the aid of volume rendering. Using a convenient search function with preview image, scaffolding planners can find not only an extensive library of Layher individual parts, but also assemblies already prefabricated for even faster design work. The detailed drawings can then be printed out. It is possible to export them as 3D model too, e.g. for professional customer presentations or to share 3D models. A transfer to visualisation or animation software is also possible without any problem. This allows projects not only to be planned economically and also adapted precisely to actual requirements, but also to be presented professionally to customers. The LayPLAN CAD module is available in German, English, French and Spanish.